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I wish the different windsurfing brands could seat together and define a common one design class, with enough performance to be interesting for seasoned windsurfers, enough accessibility, technical and financial, to concern a broad audience, from the beginner to the most experienced ...

... and think this better than the previous attempts
open -> too difficult, not fun enough in strong wind
long raceboards -> not fun enough in strong winds
tiga -> poor construction, poor performance
RS-X -> too expensive, excessive in all characteristics
Formula -> same as RS-X, plus too fragile
Kona One -> lack of performance, disputable deck design, too long at the cost of fun in upper wind range
T293 -> too short and wide to be interesting enough in light winds
RS-One : maybe interesting, but possibly a bit too short and wide to be interesting in light winds

in my personal opinion the best compromise so far could have been something close to Phantom 320

If each brand tries it on its side, it it difficult to reach a critical mass given the limited size of the market. If they did it together, each one selling the same gear then with own brand and colors, it would be innovative and interesting, a material event and evolution in terms of marketing, and the way to reach the needed critical mass to create a class.
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