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Default Raceboard

I do not know why you do not like 380 Raceboards.
I do not know any other board which is capable for most off the conditions:
- Lake or Coast
- Low Wind (up from 2 knots) till High Winds (over 30 knots)
- achievable Speeds up to 30 knots when gong for your own and ~25 knots in races
- Go out Just for Fun or participate in Races (club/league/championship level)

The only disadvantage is the price for the whole material:
- New Boards for 2.500 EUR
- Riggs for 1.500 EUR

Here I see a chance for the OPEN 9,5 Class:
for 600 EUR in Material and ~100 hours of time you can buld your own board of your own design.
Someone offered me last year a custom made Raceboard by Peter Thommen build in 2006 for 2.500 EUR. So custom made and production of small series of race boards are as expensive.

I will wait to see the pictures of the Bat Wing and to understand then the red "lip" of the board. As it looks like that they would like to make the board capable for low and strong wind conditions. The Phantom was a good low wind and medium wind performer.
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