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Default RE: North Carolina Windfest

Hi Guest,
As far as I know, after checking with Buster (the owner of Frisco Woods Campground) the dates for the 2007 Windfest at Frisco Woods will be the 3rd weekend in April (Thursday April 19th- Saturday April 21st).
Most of the rental houses on Hatteras Island are Saturday to Saturday so that's why the Thursday-Saturday event dates.
I plan to be there.
I'll have the following boards in the demo fleet:
GO 155
Rio M
Carve 101/111/144
Isonic 101/122/145
Kombat 97/Kombat-Aero 127
S-Type 115
Phantom 222
Gemini (Tandem)
Evo 90
Pure Acid 80
The boards will have True Ames, Tangent Dynamics Reapers, and Wolfgang Lessacher Duo Weed fins to help with the shallow conditions at Frisco Woods.
There will be a full complement of Sailworks Retros, Huckers, and NX SLM race sails for you to try as well.
Hope this helps,
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