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Default Changing footstrap settings for the day

Interesting question I've had for a long time, but never really asked it before:

Who changes footstrap settings on, say, a Kombat, to switch back and forth between wave settings and freeride settings? And how often do you do that?

Board manufacturers talk about this as a selling point, including *B, but in point of fact I have NEVER seen anyone do it. The reality is, that with screw inserts as they are, people don't do that. Most people put the straps on the board and ride it. If they wave sail, they use inboard settings; if they freeride, outboard settings. Very, very few sailors even experiment deliberately with footstrap settings (front screw, back screw locations); the get the board, put the straps on where they feel comfortable, and go.

On extremely rare occasions, top level sailors will set the straps, go sail, come back in and change them, go sail, come back in and change them again, go sail, and come back to put them where they work. In fairness, the very best sailors do it while also moving the base, changing fins, etc.

IN FACT, the folks I've seen who sail in multiple conditions have a dedicated board for each condition and style.

What is everyone else's experience?
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