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Hi Andy-Masss,
I have seen the Deviator pull the entire mast box out of boards with both singel and 2 bolt mast bases.
The Deviator (IMHO) is a pretty dangerous device.
15' of mast + the wieght of the sail + the weight of the boom is a VERY long lever arm when
if comes crashing down on something solid (the roller on the top of the Deviator) that has a
3" to 4" lever arm.
Think about if you ever got a hand or toe caught between the mast and that roller?
Putting a multi density foam pad on the nose, and a boom bra on the front of the boom
seems a whole lot safer for both the board and the sailor to me.
P.S. I do not have such a photo.
Perhaps Jacoo has one he could send us!
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