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Default RE: Can you freestyle with a Carve?

It's great that Taty came back about the S-Types. In my original review of his comments recommendating the S-Type, I could readily understand his focus, and I thought about adding a comment. For me, the idea that a slalom rocker is hard, or is a problem, has not been my experience. While I'm on custom stuff, I know that a sweet slalom rocker is the key to a great time. Hard to turn? I don't think so, and I can't image that the folks at Starboard are offering a bunch of dogs, especially with the talent and results that have obtained in 2006 with their top riders. Take a look. Really, any other brand will be targeting Starboard's goals and strategys to achieve success. A leader clearly stands out.

Overall, I would place much more credibility on Taty's recommendations concerning the S-Types.

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