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Default RE: Choix DRAM/WOOD restreint en 2007.


La demande d'iSonic en DRAM ayant malheureusement ete bien en deca des attentes du marche en 2006, les iSonic 50 ? 133 ne seront proposee qu'avec la construction Wood en 2007.

Seules les iSonic 145 et 155 seront proposees en Wood et Technorama, ceci en remplacement des anciennes F-Types Wood et DRAM.

Source : Ian Fox (

"Q2 = Will the smaller isonics (from 133 down on) be available in what used to be dram?
A2 = No, not under the current plans. iS is majority focused on performance and as such the majority market wants the better performance option. Larger iS have potential to support the (previous) F-Type market and as such are offered in Technora as an option."


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