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Cool Objectivity ?? Measurements ???

I know its an old topic and has been moaned about loads but isnt it high time manufacturers got their acts together with the SIMPLE measurements.. I know its hard to determine subjective isues like board performance/gybing characteristics and handling of sails etc etc ..

Went out other day with my 6.5 Maui Pursuit. Its a great sail ;plenty of range, light and stable and quite fast... Mate was on an Ezzy 6.3.. Wind picked up and we decided rather than change down take the lazy option and downhaul more !!! (we`ve all been there)

We both coped but my sail was seriously on limit if not over it at times.. (I was fastest mind)

He looked and insisted (as sailors always do) that he was fine... Was beginning to think I need to get an Ezzy but after session I checked out his sail stats..

Ezzy 6.3 .,(as set) 458 luff.. 190 boom

And mine

Maui Pusuit (as set) 470 luff... 198 boom ..

Thats 12cm on luff and 8cm on boom !!!.

My sail was bigger??? Supposedly by 0.2 m. Its way more than that !!!

Its like buying a 2 litre car; having it measured and it been 1800cc and somebody elses 2200cc !!

Crazy !!!!! And why ?????

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