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Just an update on what I did if anyone is interested. I have only worked with glass and epoxy a couple of times, so I am pretty much a rookie at this.

I decided to cut out the damaged material for fear that a drill bit might rip the cracked wood further along the deck of the board. The finished hole was 1.5 - 2 cm oval. A small layer of gray foam came out with the wood. The depth of the hole was about 3mm. I used some filler that came with the repair kit to thicken up the epoxy. I put some epoxy in the hole, a little piece of glass, a little epoxy and a little glass and little more epoxy which totally filled the void.

I finished up with a square piece of glass over the hole, about 4 cm square and a little more epoxy. I don't know if I needed to do this or not, but the only down side is the appearance of the repair.

I haven't sanded yet, but that will be the finishing touch. Not a perfect look, but it should solve the problem.

My only issue was cutting the small pieces of the glass, since it tends to come apart when you are working with such little pieces.
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