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Question Original poister spot on !

Cant believe folk would argue against a post which so obviuosly true..

Irrelevant to differences in rigging;skills;conditions ;fins the two sails mentioned are clearly not correctly measured in their area...(or one of them isnt.)

And Davide`s point is also irrelevant.. So what if you only use one manufacturer that does not make it ok to measure area wrongly and besides points made apply within a manufacturer. (Eg compare NP Search and Combats) NP obviously do not use same process for arriving at area for their different ranges..

Weights are invariably out.. Weigh your board..

Volumes are always wrong/out/adjusted.

Compare stiffness of a Tush C45 with a Tush 100%.. Both same IMCS rating !! No way are they same stiffness !

Compare an RDM with an SDM of equal IMCS... Loads different..

Manufacturers print what suits them on specs.. (Many sails dont even rig to spec written on them !!)

Measure your boom ..

Mine says 160 - 220 on it... Its 163 to 223.. Not much I know but why ??? Bought it thinking it would be fine for a sail needing 158cm... Thats 1cm short and boom 3 long; Gap of 4cm !!! Sails fine but it just shouldn`t happen !!!

Or perhaps I cant use a tape measure !!!
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