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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Hi Geoff.

I used to move my straps forward and back depending on conditions and what I was doing but found that you soon strip the thread on the plugs and have to use a wider screw so have stopped. However when I get a new board I have to sail it a few times to find out the exact place I like the straps. This mainly applies to wave and freestyle boards.

I do sail with off set straps though liking a wider stance for the ridding side so when I change tacks I have to change strap position.

I wish that manufactures would come up with a better system for moving the straps that is easier and you do not strip inserts. Maybe mini fin boxes but this adds weight.

Steve, I agree with you foot strap position is dependent on rocker and the designer will put them in the optimum position giving you a small adjustment for sailor size and style.
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