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Calm down everybody !!!

I wasnt freaking out; I swear more when I do that..
Could well be that Maui Sails measure accurately but I suspect all manufacturers claim to measure their sails accurately and perhaps they do in their own "accurate" chosen manner but there is obviously some discrepency accross manufacturers.

I was well aware of the fact that boom/mast length are not the only parameters to be taken into account but they are a guide. ( Just been looking at a North 6.5 (???) with luff of 480 and boom 200 ??!!! wonder if they justify their measurements aswell ??? Is there an industry standard for measuring sail area ???

My point was and still is there is a lack of objectivity in our sport involving even the simplest of specifications..

Dont get me wrong; as I stated in the first post, the Pursuit is a fantastic sail..The was no criticism of any single manufacturer..

Couldnt log in for some reason.,. (Perhaps SB have banned me freaking out !!!)

Good winds.

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