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Hi Jonas,
You are having spinout issues with the Lessacher Duo fins?
That's very interesting.
I have the 32 cm/36 cm/40 cm Lessacher Duo fins and I have never had
any spinout issues.
Yes, I've spun the 32 and 36 out a time or 2, but only when I jumped on the fin
before the board had dveloped any speed. So, no water going by the fin to get the
foils to work.
I like the 32 cm up to 7.5 m2.
For the 8.2 I would think the 36 cm Duo would be better, but I'm pretty sure I've
sailed the 32 with an 8.5 m2 a few times.
If you are racing slalom are you using the Lessacher weed fins?
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