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If you compare the stats for the Equipe II and the new Phantom 377, there is not a significant difference, with the exception of the wingers on the tail (which were an old [unsuccessful] design used back in the '80's on such boards as the Mistral Pandera). Why would anyone want to buy the new Phantom 377, when it has basically the same size, shape and volume of an already existing longboard that is available in most countries at a quarter of the price? In Canada an Equipe II sells for between $500 to $800 depending on condition. A new Phantom 380 retails for $3100 + taxes. While it's really nice to see longboards being produced once again I really worry that the current manufacturers haven't learned from the mistakes of the past when in the 1980's and '90's the manufacturers nearly killed longboard racing by pricing them out of reach of many consumers (my first Equipe II in 1994 cost me about the same as my new Phantom 380 just did last week!). Starboard has an excellent and successful design in the Phantom 380 so don't jeopardise the small (fledgling) market by making too many changes too quickly while jacking up the price at the same time. If it ain't broke... don't fix it!!!

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