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I can only agree with you, and I'm happy to hear this form a former Div 2 rider, as someone told me that the old Div 2 were much faster, even for a post 1996 windsurfer like me is hard to believe there's something faster than Serenity in lightwind. And I've read also about the various problem of the div2 construction.
People has somehow fear of a radical choice for Serenity (board). It's obvious that Serenity is a board that you have to take out from the water when water is rough and wind is more than 12 knots. But I keep on asking myself why a lot of people living like me in poor windy places buy a 77 liters wave board for using it in not more than 5 times a year, instead of a real-world board like the serenity that you can use and have real emotional riding for imho 30 times or more every year. Even if my friends were astonished and doubtful, I realized this and bought the Serenity after almost 10 years after my last new board.
Problem is that there is no more advertising about this board since a lot, the arrival of windsurfable SUPs moved away the Starboard marketing direction, the fact of putting Serenity and K15 side by side on the catalogue was seen by me as a clear sentence of death for the serenity project, and in 2012 it seems that Serenity will be out of production.
I can understand that a Phantom has more versatility, especially the 2012 new shapes, but I still believe that versatility always means having two possibilities but losing the best aspects of both. So imho f.e. itís way better to have a freestylewave board loosing something in the few waveriding days than losing the uncomparable sensations that a Serenity board can give in lightwind. And as far as Iíve tried, a planning longboard with centerboard has for sure more versatylity, but up to 5-6 knots riding is far less interesting and emotional than on a Serenity, only in the upper part of lightwind range (1-10) it becomes amazing (compared to my Mistral Ventura 343 2009).
Iím only sorry that for unlucky circumstances I wasnít able to make videos tu support Serenity Windsurfing on the web an then Ė perhaps create around some interest, some selling of Serenity. A Serenity movement.
Seeing some strange sales on of new Serenity boards clearly told me that in the end wasnít easy to sell sucha long gondola for around 2.000 euro...

P-S- there is a little mistake in the titles of your videos, is Sernty instead Serenity, I suggest you to correct and add full name, Serenity Windsurfing, so serches can find them easily without mixing with various videos about sense of serenity
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