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So nice!!!
I'm without words.
At the first moment, then...
This comes after the (too) big Serenity Catamaran, seen in the cataloque but never put on production, the cute smaller Super Cat, never seen or talked about on SB website but "revealed" on few magazines, and the this interesting Racing Serenity Cat, the first with two asymmetric hulls, shorter than original Serenity as it can be seen from video (and from the speed you have to tack it...)
I don't know if it will be set on production, I would have bee a lot courious to try and or test it. But I'm asking myself if someone would consider to buy a board like this, more "complicated" than the simple Serenity, assuming the price would be higher than the Serenity itself. But ifor sure it is a total new and interesting challenge to other racing boards that are now (re)appearing on the market.
About stability, in my experience Serenity has not so much problems of stability, I mean compared to other performing boards. Hey it's an advanced windsurf! And like all advenced boards it needs some skill, but this is what I call an emotional board.
Anyway: some specs and impressions of the Serenity Racing Cat? Fixed or adjustable width (like on never-seen- Super Cat)? Detachable hulls for carrying? Why asymmetric hulls instead of symmetric like on both the previous pojects? What difference of price can be supposed compared to a Serenity (I mean for more or less constuction costs)?
Yes, I admit that the reduced lenght and the more speed you've told let me imagin the faces of other windsurfers when crossing my lake with a Racing Serenity Cat on a poor wind day when all are almost stopped with their freestyle and slalom boards...

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