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Default early planing board

Hi SB team,

I'll apreciate your help regarding next issue I have and current search for my new early planning board.

I am 110 to 115 kg, 40 yaers old and 194 cm, not quite ideal for the windsurfing!

Currently I use Tabou Rocket GT 145 (2008) and NS S-Type 9,5 for light winds. As even with this combination it takes more than 15 to 17 knots for planning I am looking for board that will allow me to plane much earlier (10 to 15 knots) with already mantioned sail. Other things that are important is durability of the board (e.g. Carbon is to fragile for my way of use - sometimes my wife and kids are also taking the board)

Please be so kind to recommend me the earliest planning/durability SB but not the Formula.

My thougts are US 147, but I am affraid of next things:
1. are the footstraps to much outboard (pure slalom board has outboard straps and I am not confortable with this)
2. would US147 be Ok if wind during the session picks up to 17 to 20 knots and water starts to be choppy?
3. Due to concave deck Is there enough volume to tack (somtimes I jibe but sometimes I tack!)
4. Is the wood option durable enough.

My other kit is:
JP allRide 116
NP Hellcat 7,7
NP Excess 6,9

Thanks you in advance
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