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A lot of interesting things form the news you are telling me (-us all).

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
...This is a Concept and will be probably never in production for cost problems, basically is on Serenity cut in the middle for 2 reason (try to make as less expensive as possible....
I was supposing it, but if you are trying to make it less expensive as possible so there should be a reason like some hope of a final production...

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Nakaniko, I am still working on it to have it in cheap construction and in 5 pieces, so easy to transport.
Hehehe another evidence of what I've just told. And yes, the biggest issue of the original Serenity is imho transportation, 460+ cm cars are not so common here in Europe and rules for carrying it over the roof of shorter cars are heavy in Italy (better in Germany).

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
The reason that it's tacking very well is because the center fin is more in front and is narrow than the wide production Serenity fin.
Basically what I was meaning is thet it seems you have to be a lot quicker in tacking, I suppose due to low volume in the bow(s). And yes the ONLY fin can be seen in one jibe, so where is the finbox? In the middle bridge that connects the two hulls? Tooooo courious...

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
About the stability the Serenity is ok under 10 knots but you need already a good skill but here you can use it with Fun until 20 knots even down wind and still stable!!! I didn't have my Go Pro HD at this time but will post another one as soon I can do it.
Wow, I can't imagine downwind at 20 knots! And strapless... Even if some temptations to fit a straps using the screws of the carrying handle and the ones of the daggerfin... Useless up to 10 knots but near 20... I can't wait to see the flying gondola sessions!
But I'll never have the courage to dare this on my own, I'me pretty sure I would damage my beloved Serenity as I do almost every season with the nose of my cheap Scores.

Ok, stop, back to work with the 5% of my brain that doesn't think at windsurfing.
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