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Default Hi Remi

[QUOTE=refrus;52223]Hi SB team,

You almost convinced me, I am very close to make an order, but!

Only open issue left is:

Would US147 be OK if wind during the session picks up to 20 knots and surface starts to be choppy or it will result with board lift offs... menaing bord will be out of control.

Baiscally I want to use US147 between 10 and 20 knots and above 20 I will take my JP 116 allRide.

Is there any specific nose protectore for US as this would be wise investment against mast crash to the nose. Also is there any spcific boardbag for the US.

Thank you once again, and I would like to believe next thread will be my delight description of how my new US is exciting and early planning
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