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Default Remi: urgent need for help

Recently I have asked you (Remi and all the other members of this forum) for some advice about the replacement of my Tabou Rocket 145. I decided to order the 2012 Futura 131. That will bring my boards quiver back to 3 boards. Besides the 131 Futura I own a 2010 Futura 111 and a 92 JP Freestyle wave. My sails are all Neil Pryde: 8.5 Helium, 7.7 H2, 6.7 H2, 5.7 Hellcat, 5.2 Hellcat and a 4.5 Alpha.

I am not so sure I made the right decision with ordering the Futura 131. I decided to buy this board because I wanted a sportier ride than my Tabou.

I use the JP 92 FSW with the 5.7, 5.2 en 4.5 sail. I use the Futura 111 most of the time with the 6.7 H2, but in the last year it hasn't seen a lot of use. The reason I don't use the 111 Futura very often is that I can use the 76 wide tabou with the 7.7 very long and when the wind gets to strong I will switch to the JP FSW.

I was thinking if it wouldn't be better to think about the following 3 boards quiver:
1. Ultrasonic for lightwind situations: 8.5 Helium and maybe a bigger sail in the Future
2. 122 Futura for the 7.7H2 and 6.7H2;
3. JP FSW for higher winds.

What do you think?

I am 88kg and 1.96m tall. I am an lightly advanced sailer...
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