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Yes and No. Your F111 is perfect for the 6.7 and 7.7. You will have a far better time on that board with those sails than the F122. I used a 111 with those sails and weigh the same as you. I now have 7.2 and 8.2 on the 111 ltr. You really don't need a bigger board for that sail range.
For the 8.5 Helium yes the ultasonic would be better. Lets face it. You will be under 13ktns if you need a bigger sail than the 7.7. So If you can be bothered with that wind you might as well get an early planner. I had a F133 and it simply didn't jump on the plan like those ultra wide boards. I would change you order if you can. Also the Helium blows out at 13-15 ktns so you wont be pushing it into higher wind ranges that the F133 would go.
P.S. Not a team member, just another rider like you.
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