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Thanks a lot for your opinion.

You are right about the Futura 111. The combination with the 7.7 H2 is perfect. I prefer this combination above the 145 litre Tabou Rocket with 7.7 sail also, but strange enough the combination with the Tabou is the combination I use mostly. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that I am used to this combination, so it's some sort of safe haven. I should pick the 111 Futura more often and I will. Second reason is that I like a little more volume in situations when the wind is gusty. Besides that waterstarting with the 7.7H2 isn't really nice, especiallly when the wind is very gusty. With the volume of the Tabou rocket and the Futura 133 it's possible to uphaul the sail.

What do you yuo guys think about the Ultrasonic in this perspective? I think the Ultrasonic could close the gap with the 111 Futura. I think it can be sailed with the 7.7H2 also, but I expect it will be a boring ride compared to the 133 Futura. On the other side the Ultrasonic will give new opportunities in light wind situations with a bigger sail. I am seriously thinking about replacing the Neil Pryde helium with a 9.2 H2. That would be a very nice combination with the Ultrasonic I expect.

Another option could be the Futura 133 for now and maybe an Ultrasonic in the future. That would bring my quiver to 4 boards. Quite a lot....

All opinions are welcome!!
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