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Hi Sergio,
And you weigh how much?
Linda (the OP here) weighs 130 lbs.
I really don't see a 130 lb woman on 10-12 m2 rigs. ( not to say that it's not possible, but I seen a few pro women formula sailors who have had to pretty much drop out of the sport due to back problems
from trying to compete with > 10 m2 rigs.
I've sailed quite a few formula boards, from the very early F-155 to the later formula boards (but not the HWR or LWR). I've sailed (and raced) the Formula Experience Boards ( in Thailand).
I agree that the FE boards are heavy, and not always the most durable, but they meet the FE rules and there are a lot of young women sailors who compete with 7.5-8.5 m2 rigs and they weigh in similar to the OP.
So, it's a viable option, that does not require the huge sails that women may find difficult to handle.
I still think the IS 147 would be a good solution for Linda, but she did not seem to like that idea very
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