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Hi Dennis,

For the same reason you mention, I bought the new Ultrasonic. I had the F133 2010 and replaced it for the Ultrasonic. I hope I will reciev the Ultrasonic in the first week of september. I also have the F111 and the F93 The gap between F133 and 111 was to narrow for me. I have almost the same weight and lenght as you (95kg and 1.95m) The advantage of the Ultrasonic is that you can go on the water much sooner then with the Futura. So you have a much wider reach of wind with only 3 boards.

hope this helps,

all the best

F111, F93 ('11)
North RAM F11 8,5
North RAM F12 7,8/ 7,0 / 6,3 / 5,7 / 5,2
North S-type 9,5('11)
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