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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi Sergio,
And you weigh how much?
Linda (the OP here) weighs 130 lbs.
I really don't see a 130 lb woman on 10-12 m2 rigs. ( not to say that it's not possible, but I seen a few pro women formula sailors who have had to pretty much drop out of the sport due to back problems
from trying to compete with > 10 m2 rigs.
I've sailed quite a few formula boards, from the very early F-155 to the later formula boards (but not the HWR or LWR). I've sailed (and raced) the Formula Experience Boards ( in Thailand).
I agree that the FE boards are heavy, and not always the most durable, but they meet the FE rules and there are a lot of young women sailors who compete with 7.5-8.5 m2 rigs and they weigh in similar to the OP.
So, it's a viable option, that does not require the huge sails that women may find difficult to handle.
I still think the IS 147 would be a good solution for Linda, but she did not seem to like that idea very
My weight is 135lb, and I can ride with 11 m2, but 10 m2 is more my size...
I know few smaller girls that do use 10-11m2, but in general I would also recommend max 9.0-8.5 and a large slalom board, don't think she needs 147 - all that extra volume for what?, at her size 117w or 127 will plane just as early and will be more fun... But she wants formula, and 10 m2 is a min size that
can be used and make sense for light winds. What I was saying is that formula experience has no performance benefit vs fw, it's heavier and slower to plane. In Miami area hardly anyone has FE, few tried (price/durability) but switched to real thing quick for that reason. Generally, our winds are light and who ever comes to the beach wants to plane and have fun, and to maximize it formula just does it better.

P.S. no back problems due to FW in last 11+ years, actually just the opposite
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