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sergio k
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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I think I've seen you/met you at the Midwinters a few years back.
Awesome that a smaller lighter sailor can handle the big board and big sails.
You are very lucky with your back being strengthened by FW sailing.
Do you do other exercises to make this possible?
Roger, never made it to Midwinters, since I move to Miami 5 years ago, I only do local events, we have
4-5 a year, plus drag racing never gets boring since we have good group of speedsters here always willing
to push each other...

On the back issue; I actually have a slipped disk in lower back area and had off and on problem with it
for years, I did few things to eliminate the it:
1. never downhaul my sail by hand, always use crank tool
2. use only best fitting/back supportive harness
3. careful how I lift anything heavy so not to through back off
4. use inversion table and do crunches on it , 20+ straight, 20+ to the right/left every day
(well maybe I forget 10 times a year)
5. Regular windsurfing 2-3 times a week avg
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