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Sounds like there will be no Phantom 377s sold in Canada!!
I'll post my opinions as soon as I get my hands on one - probably December

I must admit that volume isn't everything. I was (at 90kg) quite competitive on my 250 litre Fanatic Mega Cat in the light winds - even against sailors on the Phantom 380. Technique & sail selection/tuning have a large part to play in performance.

Board fragility is definitely an issue. Any racing board made of carbon tends to be fragile and needs to be handled very carefully. The old boards were certainly very hardy - most of the boards in our fleet are still going strong 20 years+ down the track. The most recent of the old boards (e.g. AHD & F2 380) are quite fragile - not many of these left in my area.

How many raceboards are you getting to your races? Our season starts in a week's time - can't wait.
At my Club, we are getting up to 25 to 30 longboards out to our weekly races depending on wind conditions - less so on really light days. Most boards are 1980's and 1990's vintage raceboards but there is a growing fleet of Phantom 380's which (in it's current form) we find to be very competitive against the older boards. In winds above 15kts the Phantom has a distinct edge especially if the racer is using the 9.5 Severne Raceboard sail. We have 10 Phantom 380's in the Club right now and after the results they have produced this season there is a lot of interest from others in this board.

Our season ends at the end of September, but so far we've logged 50 races since the beginning of May. Hopefully it'll be windy until the end of Sept.

For me the Phantom is great since I am over 180 pounds and the board planes that much earlier than my Equipe II does. I'm very impressed with the 2011 Phantom 380 and see the impending changes for 2012 to be more of a step backwards rather than an innovation.
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