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Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Can 102

5/12 knots you can be sure with the Phantom Race 377 will plane in this condition, now for the septic the best way it's to try and Can 32 funny to compare this board to the Pandera but their is absolute not possible to compare this boards
Have fun in this fantastic class

All the best
Remi, you're right - there's no comparison between the Phantom 380 and the Pandera, since the Pandera was a lot smaller and considered to be a 'funboard'. My point was that Mistral put wingers on the Pandera in an attempt to improve it's performance, an experiment that ultimately failed. I see Starboard's choice to put wingers on the Phantom in the same light as what Mistral did and I don't think that there will be any significant changes in performance in the Phantom 377, compared to the 380 especially considering all of the other changes you are making as well. To me I see wingers on the Phantom as simply a gimmick which will probably disappear in a year or two when they prove to be useless. Starboard needs to stick with a concept that works (the Phantom 380 in it's current form - 2011 version) and work on tweaking it's details like making sure all it's components work (or are assembled) properly when the boards leave the factory.

Look at the legacy of the Equipes, Cats and Lightnings... people are choosing to sail these for a reason and very minor modifications to the shape were made during the time these boards were being manufactured (the only significant changes were in volume). Wouldn't it be nice if 20 years from now people are saying the same thing about the current Phantom 380??
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