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Todd Hume
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Default +10% increase in wood board weight for 2012?

Hi there,
Just wondering if someone is able to shed some light on the increase in weight for Futuras in 2012?

I decided to update and upgrade my 09 Futura 93 technora this year so I made an early commitment and pre-ordered a 2012 Futura 93 wood. I got the Starboard email saying that the boards have just been released online so i have jumped on the drool over the specs of my new purchase for the first time. The significant increase in board weight has really got me worried.

2011 wood F93 is 6.44kg
2012 wood F93 is 7.1kg.

My 09 technora F93 weighs in at 6.55kg.

I would say that it is a mistake but the increase is consistent across the new range. Is some cases it is even worst:

Wood Futura 111
2011 - 6.98kg
2012 - 7.9kg

I am really really hoping there is a good explanation for this. I am going to be super disappointed if my new board has just put on 0.66kg of fat.

Can someone please explain?

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