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Default Formula HWR - Split Bottom


I was out today with a buddy who sailed his new '11 HWR for the first time. He hit an obstacle in open water(probably a large fish) and went over the nose. His mast hit the front and did what looked like relatively little damage to the deck, but there are some cracks in the skin on the very nose that must be repaired.

Upon closer inspection, the bottom was spit with a 25 cm long crack beginning at the nose, which will require some major repairs.

This is speculation, but it looks let the top and nose have a layer of carbon, but the bottom doesn't. Can you tell us what the layup is on the front/bottom of the board.

It looks like the deck was pretty strong and resisted the impact well, but the nose and bottom popped like a paper bag.

I too have gone over the nose after hitting alligator gar, a large freshwater fish in Texas that are often at the surface when the water gets very warm. I have crashed at least 5 time because of the fish on my F160 and have some dents in the wood (no repairs), but nothing like my buddy on his HWR.
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