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Default Why is carbon so expensive?

Hi again, finally I took the NX-Black as I could not find a long enough (and cheap enough) used carbon boom. This leads me to another question: why is carbon so expensive? For instance today Nautix carbon's are TEN times more expensive than their basic alu booms. In the past the price difference was not so huge. Moreover older booms are looked for because "they were putting much more carbon at the time".

The usual explanation is "high demand from emerging countries" but this sounds like BS. Carbon is one of the most abundant material on the planet and there is no way we'll get ever short of it. I suspect the current price level to be greatly artificial because we have been convinced that carbon is sooo much better and we are ready to pay a lot more. I know this is an old topic and my purpose is not to complain, however do you have any idea of the reason(s) why is carbon so expensive?
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