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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Hey Geoff,

It's a good topic but it seems the original question

Who changes footstrap settings on, say, a Kombat, to switch back and forth between wave settings and freeride settings? And how often do you do that?
has been mixed with the very related but seperate issue of

"should boards be built/configured to allow it" ???

My comment is
(to Q1 - who does it ?) ; Not many.
(to Q2 - should boards allow it ?) ; definitely, where the board's intended use/ride style allows for valid alternate stances.
(Kombat/ST and Carve all being good examples of not only where it can work, but should be provided to make a crossover board more versatile - or "customiseable"- even if each owner sets to their personal preference and never moves from that. You won't see too many inboard/outboard options on dedicated designs like the small and mid iSonics ..

Cheers ~ Ian
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