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Question Kode 94

I am eyeing a 2010 slightly used wood-carbon Kode 94. I currently have the Futura 111 (to use with Severne Turbo 7.5) and absolutely love it (quality, speed, comfort!), and my expectations are pretty high for the Kode as well.

I weigh about 165 lbs or so, and will likely use Kode 94 in the San Francisco Bay Area (some chop, some flat water), or maybe in some windy Michigan lakes. It'd be my high wind board. I currently have a 2008 Tabou 97 3S and the Kode 94 would be its replacement. I have a hard time planing with the duck tail and the wind range isn't as wide.

Do you think Kode 94 would be a good replacement for the Tabou and a complement to Futura 111, given the wind ranges? I am looking for a versatile bump & jump high wind board that I can keep for a long time. Or should I go for the smaller Kode 86? What's the typical and actual wind ranges that people use these boards in?

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