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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Hi Ian,

One thing that's noteworthy in Geoff's original post is his comment that folks that sail in multiple conditions have dedicated boards for each condition or style. I know l do, so once the straps are attached, that's it. Frankly, my boards either don't have choices, or very minor ones, but that's never been a problem.

With that said, I have to admit that I'm not that far outside the standard margin with respect to my height or weight. I know a really big guy that has often had production boards modified to include completely new footstrap locations to suit his stature and weight. But when he does so, he requires two position attachments per side to fix and stablize the straps. Believe me, I'm a strong advocate of two position per side attachments. From my point of view, I would lose the myriad of different options and implement two position attachments instead in the optimum locations. Yet, maybe my paradigm here doesn't truly reflect the mainstream. Based on the industry focus, what is right isn't always the same. I must be too much of a purest.

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