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Default RE: Question for Ian. Isonic 101 or 87?

Nice reply Ian. Thanks! Your enthusiasm for the 101 has me very interested, especially since I like the 115 so much - it was love at first ride!

Here's what I hope the Isonic 87 will do: 1) control in big gusts; 2) high speed with the confidence to really push it; 3) enough planability to be pumping it onto a plane in 16 or 17 knots; 4) nice glide through minor lulls; 5) reasonable gybing and last, but not least 6) good upwind ability when powered. Give me those things and I'll be one happy camper (I suspect the 101 is a standout in all those areas, but in a broader wind range, but not quite in the top end of the wind range where the best speeds on flat water are possible).

I appreciate your help with this and thanks for your time.



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