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Default RE: 6.2 vs 6.9 planning threshold

Ola's raised a very valid point in his comments. While I didn't mention it in my post above, I have a new 5.6 on order. Although I will keep the 5.75, the 5.6 will be perfect for my biggest B&J/wave board. In reality, the 5.75 is too big for that board, and I wanted a more suitable size. The bigger sail has got a much longer boom that has now been refined a bit more into a slightly smaller size that incorporates a higher aspect planform with a significantly shorter boom length. Having sails so close together doesn't always mean something out of line or wasteful. Really, I have quite a few boards that can take advantage of these two very similarly sized sails. Kind of like investing in different sail concepts, like wave versus slalom designs. A proper blend of things can make everything perfect.

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