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Default How hard can it be ? GO Windsurf 171 or Go 151

Dear people,

I'm living in Holland and me and my son want to start windsurfing. The last time I stood on a "door" was 20 years ago. Now I'm looking for a board that suits me as well as my son (12). I read a lot of articles about the GO 151 with centre fin and the GO windsurfer. And now I don't know it any more . So please you help in choosing the right board.

Some things you have to know in order to help me out here:
I'm 88 kilo's, was able to surf (or more sailing ) and want to start again. But I don't want to buy a new board within the next couple of years. Ofcourse my son is a 100% beginner and needs to learn it. Ofcourse he will get a smaller sail etc. But I want to buy one board that is usefull for both. I want to surf form 1-3 knots till 16-21 knots.

And now the big question: which board should I buy ? GO windsurfer 171 with daggerboard or the GO 151/171 with centre fin ?

Please help me out.

Thnx, Ton
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