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i have discovered after a number of years and experiments teaching people that

1) need to start in really light breezes - this way they will NOT be overpowered
2) need to start with very small sails - again they will NOT be overpowered
3) they need to start on a really stable board - they will not be overwhelmed nor tire out too quickly

now this is for real newbies
if the person does snowboarding, skiing ,etc - some elements can be changed

here we seem to be speaking of a young chap n his father
if i assume it is a lake, then longboard with centre board FOR SURE
however, one can get used Mistral Aquaglides for little money and i have found them to be VERY successful in getting people going with little or NO instruction - more like learn as you play AND then give hints as they go !!!
some will tire of this quickly since the "board" floats n whobbles
after that perhaps the GO, RIO, Viper, KONA, etc

wishing you lots o luck in the BEST watersport in the world :-)
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