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Hi jpon2,
I've notified the Starboard IT folks about the broken links on the archives.
As far as the center fin that you have, it was never a really sucessful design.
Not sure what year we had those (2001/2002/2003) but we never used them in the "A Taste of
Windsurfing" program as they made the Starts very hard to tack and jibe.
Better to find a shallow water similar to the one you have for the back of the board and put that in the
center fin slot as well.
Our best configuration was a 38 cm True Ames "Stubbie" in the rear fin slot and the std. 41 cm
Start rear fin in the center fin slot.
If you email me your hull's serial number I can probably trace the exact lineage of your board.
I only need the letters and numbers until you get to the "000's.
That will give us the year model and month/year it was prodiuced.
Email to:
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