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Default Weight Futura 2012

In the free section of this forum a topic is strarted about the weight of the 2012 Futura. I have ordered a 2012 Futura 131 wood, so I am very interested in the story behind this big increase in weight of the wood version of the Futura.

Compared to 2011 the Futura has a weight gain of more than 10% heavier. The 2012 wood versions are according the information on the futura webpage heavier than the Technoria versions in 2011. That seems a bit strange. Most logical explanation is that the information on the webpage isn't correct, but maybe there is another explanation?

I have ordered a wood version because of the very good weight/strength/comfort ratio. If the information about the weight is correct I will change my order to the carbon version I think. Is it correct that the 2012 Futura is build in the very stiff pure Carbon technology now and not in the wood/carbon version like 2011?
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