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I believe that when Remi sai 70 fins, he has in mind 70 with no cut.
Regarding Z F fins, there is no much information yet. Arnon Dagan used them in Worlds and in Euro Championship and gave his comments to producer. Martin Ervin, the winner of Baltic Cup 2011 use this fin when the wind pickups. I’m not sure F167 boards were tested with Z F fins as only very few are made yet. But Remi knows better for sure.
During EuroChamp Steve said that not only fin is very important to board, but a sail as well  and F167 and F167wide needs a little bit differed sail work when HWR, as F167 are faster. So, new Reflex III will be adapted in some way to F167 needs. Or something like that. It is also very interesting side of board performance. Would be nice to know more about it.

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