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Originally Posted by Ulf View Post
Dear DennisG, As you can see from the pic above no-one at Starboard is in the right condition to answer your question. May be when the hangovers subside or they come out of rehab you'll get lucky.

I really hope someone from the team could find the time the reply to my questions. I found the follwing information on the Futura webpage:

Special note on construction: Starboard's Carbon, Wood and Technora technologies have been merged into two technology options for 2012: Carbon and Wood. The Carbon is the lightest and stiffest option. The Wood is a hybrid between last year's Wood and Technora, to offer a blend of high rigidity, high comfort and more value.

What does this mean? Is this the explanation of the weight gain? Why do such a thing, the 'old' wood contruction already was a pefect blend. Now it seems to be a Technoria version with the looks of a wood version at the price of an very big weight gain.

Starboard, please give me an explanation for this? I am not so happy with my order at this moment....
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