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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Hi Steve,

Yeah, for sure there is a lot of good points and perspective, and in most cases the (extra) dedicated board or consistant conditions (or rider choosing to only sail in consistant conditions..) are all factors why optional stance could be seen as a waste of time or epoxy. Most guys will certainly agree that changing stance daily (or regularly) is not practical, and mostly not happening, as well.

Actually, what is interesting is when testing then often you get to test (by necessity ) things you "know" ( based on solid previous experiences ) won't be so good (like someone else's strap placement on that board ) - and sometimes a strange thing happens where some other (apparent minor) factor has changed (like a fin model) and bingo, all of a sudden you hit on some newer hot setup, one you would never have had ~ except for trying something that you "knew" from careful prior testing and measurements etc would never be as good as your own..

But think of a nice sailing place, with steady conditions and lots of good sailing time..
You know , a place where you'd never need alternate stance.
Hmmmmm. Most guys : Maui.
So think of one board that could (truly) be quite a universal ride over there..
Hmmmmm. Acid ? iSonic ? Ahhh ! Kombat !
OK, so in winter you have a great ride with the wave setup (inboard, great B&J crossover and cool waveriding fun. Come summer, the swells gone South and drag racing harsh chop at Kanaha is the game, so break out the screwdriver and turn that crossover into a demi slalom B&J blaster - and let the one board fun continue.

Does it work ? Yeah, well, within reason it does - on a good board, especially one developed and tested to consider optimal stance/deckshape/positioning in both stances (which can be a challenge)

Not for everyone, sure. And in Maui everyone has 4 or 5 boards, not 1.
But think even seasonal possibilities in other locations..
Maybe practical even where it might not be..

But let's still see what other rider's are doing ???

Who changes footstrap settings on, say, a Kombat, to switch back and forth between wave settings and freeride settings? And how often do you do that ?
Cheers ~ Ian

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