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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

I do!
On most of my boards I do adapt the straps positions to the conditions. It is certainly partly due to the fact that I live in Paris and go sailing "where the wind blows". So I have no "local spot" and the conditions can be very different: chop, wave, tide, constant wind or gusts....and I have to adapt to avoid windsuffering instead of windsurfing (this one is from Barry Spanier!).
I vary the strap setting to make my board better pass the lulls (forward setting), or fly on the fin with a back and narrow stance when the wind is strong and the water flat enough, and regain control in hi wind and choppy conditions by widening the stance.
Wave sailing sideshore, I also often like to have my front strap further forward on the surfing side and one hole back on the jumping side.
I know I loose some minutes to do this and find the ideal setting (they call me the mad trimmer!), but one thing is certain: when a friend tries my board, he always feels good on it (providing we have the same size). And the contrary is rarely true!
I also change the straps (and the fin) when my wife wants her board back!
So yes, please Starboard try to improve the inserts so old maniacs like me (24 years of windsurfing) can do and undo their straps without wearing the thread.
On my first generation S-type 115 (what a board!!!), we have to undo the back straps for fitting the fin. And I have now to go for bigger screws cause the threads are worn.
Best regards and thank you for the Carve, S-type, Hypersonic and Evo (the others I don't know!). And keep on kicking windsurfers asses for they still "do it standing up"!
Cheers Foolonhill
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