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I would say 101 and 121.
I am using 101W and 122WC (2011)and using 6.2/7.0 and 7.8 sails on them and 78kg.
6.2 reflex and SO7 32cm over the lake is a dream, very fast and controlable. 7.0 on both boards is great the 122 don't feel to big for this combination, the 101 is better. 7.8 on the 122 is realy good and planes early and since the new 121 has a wider tail the 8.6 sould still be in the sweetspot with your weight. The venom fins are very usable and again with the 121 2 cm bigger than last years model at 44cm. The reason I changed from iSonic to futura's is that with the iSonic it's more like a sprint, your back leg is burning quickly when you push the board hard and when you're not pushing hard you will be passed by a Futura rider standing relaxed.
When you want to try the boards contact me, I'm living in NHolland.
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