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Default Picking the right starter kit.


This must be an extremely common question but I am thinking about getting a starter kit so that I can get back into windsurfing. I have done a bit previously and used to be quite a keen sailor so I understand the principles etc... In saying this I am hoping that I will pick it up again quite quickly. As such, if I am going to spend a reasonable amount on new kit, I want to get something that maybe stretches me more initially but gives me the room to develop without having to upgrade kit quickly. (If that makes sense?)

First off, I have dislocated my shoulder twice before and had surgery to stabilise it. Its much stronger now and I've been in the gym etc with no realy problems. Does windsurfing put particular strain on the shoulder or should I not be too worried about it? I understand I will have greater chance of further injury but I don't want to be unable to do things forever as I'm only 23. I'd appreciate your opinion.

I am 6ft3 and weigh about 80kilos. Could you recommend a set up that would give me a starting point to look at?

I appreciate any advice you may be able to offer.

All the best,

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