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Default Kombat 87 or Evo 90?

Would like to have some feedback on the new Evo 90 and Kombat 87. Currently I have the Evo74 ?06 which I will keep as my small board (super board!) and I want to complement it with a larger board.

I sail the Evo 74 with a 4.2 m2 to a well powered 5.3m2 sail. With a "normal" 5.3m2-6.4 m2 I am currently using a Fanatic FW98 (which I will sell). I am looking for a board around 90 liters and have the Kombat 87 and the Evo 90 in mind (the Evo 80 seems to close in volume for me). How do these boards perform with 5.3-6.0 (6.4) sails? i.e. what is the sweet spot for each board?

How does the width of the Evo 90 handle 5.3m2 conditions? Does it get nervous and bouncy with the 62 cm width (the kombat has only 59cm)? The board is to be used mainly in small x-on/onshore waves (1-1.5m) but also occasionally for B&J. I weigh 84 kg. I have the ambition of having a third board of approx 105 liters i.e. a three-board range.
Thanx! /Surfmeister
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