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Originally Posted by Naturel View Post
Bravo ! Your speed and size fins are Amazing !

it's not too difficult to have so small fins ?
No spin out with your fins ?
I have no choice for longer fins; because at strand Horst, the water is not very deep on the flat places where I make my runs. It's a different way of surfing, it's more difficult to lift up your board down wind; but I am learning fast to surf with smaller fins. There are a few preconditions to use smaller fins:
1) more downhole on your sail; 2 cm will do it;
2) more wind; the 8.6 for instance 20 > 25 knots, I use the sails overpowered;
3) be care full when accelerating for presure on the fin, most of the times I give presure on the fin when I go down wind.
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