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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Well, to me the "which strap setting should I use today" question is as common as which sail to use for the given conditions.
I sail an Aero 127 (crossover board) and S-type 115 (do anything excellent board) and switch the straps almost every time I go out depending on whether I'm in loose jump an slashing mode og fast freeride mode. The possibility to do so is as importans to me as the possibility to have several sails or fin options.
Only thing that pisses me off is that it's actually quite a hazzle to change the straps as finding the screw and loosening it is quite difficult. Starboard had made a litte starp over the screw to make this easier but it worked against the process and so I cut it off with a knife.
It's not rocket science to make easy switchable straps.
I know the system Fanatic had in the '90ties. It was fast, but not solid and it wore out too quick.B)
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