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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

I agree 100% with Russell, Arno13, and Foolonhill.

We DO adjust footstrap positions, and we would do it a lot more if it weren't such a PAIN in the butt. I wish they would bring back machine screws for footstraps so the inserts wouldn't wear out. Also, hand-turned screws and infallible anti-twist devices would be good. Shame on those who un-invented these conveniences.

Some reasons I often need to change footstrap positions-
1. Need early planing and upwind pointing ability with big sail and big fin = move straps outboard
2. Letting your girlfriend use your board = move straps inboard and forward
3. Switching from freeride to racing = move straps outboard.
4. Using a small fin because of high winds = move straps inboard and maybe wider
5. Have to use a weedfin = move footstraps inboard because board won't rail
6. Want to jump or do freestyle or wave riding = move straps inboard
7. Switching from high-foot wave / freestyle sail to low-foot freeride or race sail = move footstraps outboard.

Real world sailors often have only one board for a huge range of conditions, and real world conditions change all the time. That's why gear that can be tuned quickly and easily is a must.

Starboard sells a lot of boards that boast range and crossover abilities- Carve, S-type, Kombat, the bigger Isonics, GO, START, etc. But much of the crossover appeal is lost when it takes 30 minutes fumbling and cursing on the beach to change the fin and move 4 footstraps.
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